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Join us for a virtual gathering to reminisce and celebrate 25 years of the Windgate Wood Arts Residency Program (widely known as the International Turning Exchange, or ITE). The casual hangout will offer alumni the chance to share their experiences with fun history factoids and a couple of rounds of residency Trivia. Anyone who loves the residency is welcome, so grab your favorite snack and beverage for a don’t miss festive evening looking back at a quarter-century of the Windgate Residency!

The Windgate Wood Arts Residency Program is a collegial experience in which the resident Fellows explore new work through research, exploration, and collaboration. The Center for Art in Wood awards prestigious fellowships for the annual residency program, selecting from an international pool of applicants. Fellowships consist of five artists, a visual documentarian, a scholar/educator/writer, and a student artist. Fellows work either solely in wood or in other materials in meaningful combination with wood. Applicants must exhibit proficiency in woodworking techniques in order to be eligible. The residency concludes in an exhibition at the Center for Art in Wood comprising work made by Fellows before and during the program.


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