One Small Place in a Tree by Barbara Brenner


When a bear decides to use an oak tree for a scratching post, things start to change in the tree. First a cut in the bark, then timber beetles come, and a hole begins. Read this interesting book to find out many of the things that can happen in just one small place.

Recommended for kids aged 4 – 8.

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“Deep in the forest . . .

A bear sharpens her claws on a tree trunk. The scratched bark chips; a tiny hole forms. Timber beetles tunnel inside. The hole grows bigger and bigger.”

In lyrical prose, Barbara Brenner reveals the fascinating happenings in one small place. She explains how, over many years, the rough hole transforms into a cozy hollow — home to salamanders, tree frogs, a family of white-footed mice. Tom Leonard’s absorbing illustrations take you beneath the bark to a hidden world. His warm, lifelike depictions of squirrels and bluebirds, snakes and spiders show the splendor that dwells in the most unexpected places.

So stop. Observe. Explore your natural world. If you look closely enough, you will surely find . . . one small place that is home for something.

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