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The Center for Art in Wood is pleased to present the work
of renowned wood artist Merryll Saylan in an exhibition
celebrating the timeline of her career. When she began
turning in the 1970s, Saylan was one of few women in the
craft field. While her contemporaries gravitated toward
furniture-making and the use of exotic woods, Saylan—
who came from a background in modern and contemporary
design—focused on surface, using wood as a blank canvas
for compositions in color and texture. Her experiments
with stains, pigments, texture, and auto body finishes
represented a new approach in the field, with connections
to abstract painting.
Guest Curator Glenn Adamson writes that Saylan’s work
draws “sometimes humorously, sometimes poignantly—
from the world of everyday things….her objects dwell right in
that interesting space between unremarkable normalcy and
aesthetic transcendence, which we all inhabit all the time.”

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