Dina Abargil Brooch


Dina Abargil’s sculptural jewelry integrates a rich collection of materials, a broad range of production techniques as well as alchemical and symbolic actions. Dina believes that jewelry is a means by which to experience and interpret the emotional world. Every piece is made and created as an independent element that adds a layer to the internal and emotional story inherent in the materials themselves; a kind of puzzle composed of different materials, new compositions and surprising encounters between shapes, materials, symbols, codes and connections.

From Dina:  From an early age I was fascinated by the connection between different materials which can be shaped into one creation; I used to collect “pieces of junk” from the street from which I created “different” jewelry for myself and my friends. When asked as a child what I want to do when I grow up, I said “make jewelry.”
Over the years I developed a talent for giving creative expression to the inner world of my acquaintances and, later, of my clients. I created unique items for them that expressed their diverse personalities. It is a skill that I continue to develop after 15 years of working in jewelry and art. My creative journey led me to other countries including Japan, where I studied gold and silver crafting.
During my studies I learned from silver- and gold-smiths how to integrate and merge different cultures – traditional and contemporary – as well as the noble and industrial materials, and to examine different substances. I wanted to create a new language where diverse materials connect into a design statement. I learned how to “cook” Japanese alloys composed of pure silver, copper and gold. I experimented with a variety of different materials such as African and Purple Heart woods, iron, cast aluminum, poured concrete and plexiglas, as well as textiles, leather, rough gemstones and 18, 22 and 24 carat gold.
Each piece expresses an individual world filled with emotions, needs and passions. I believe in different beauty and aesthetics not confined only by commercial considerations. I see the beauty and the magic that exists in raw materials, not necessarily perceived as materials from which jewelry is normally created. I see the beauty in them, just as I find uniqueness and beauty in different people.

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  • Artist: Dina Abargil, Israel
  • Title: Brooch, 2006
  • Materials: Ebony, Ebony Powder, Shibuici Alloy, Paint, Steel
  • Dimensions: .5″ (h) x 2.5″ (l) x 1.5″ (w)

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Dimensions 2.5 × 1.5 × .5 in


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