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Located in Michigan, Camden Rose is a collective of designers, artists, craftspeople, and parents, who choose to create a better future for theirchildren. Each item is meticulously constructed by craftspeople who specialize in their art. Camden Rose does not mass-produce, rather each item is created one-by-one, the old-fashioned way. Toys are constructed to last through generations. Imbued with the life force of trees, plants, and living creatures, Camden Rose toys exude warmth and beauty which encourages babies and children to explore their world. We favor hardwoods like cherry, maple, and walnut because they are durable and their wood grain is exceptionally beautiful. The Camden Rose difference is in the details. Smooth, rounded edges require additional time and effort, but the result creates our signature look and feel. To hold and behold Camden Rose toys is a uniquely satisfying sensory experience. Equally important, they are made from renewable resources and do not contain phylate and lead to keep children and our Mother Earth safe. We’re deeply grateful for your commitment to protecting our children and planet, and your role in making Camden Rose the American leader in eco-friendly, natural toy design.

Camden Rose uses the highest quality materials, all certified non-toxic.

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Also know as Camden Rose’s “Breakfast Board” this 9″x 12″ Cherry cutting board is the perfect size and is 100% food safe.



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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × .5 in


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