Donate to the Collection

Type of Gifts

Gifts can include individual works of art, collections, rare books, original documentation relating to artists or their work, wood turning equipment with intrinsic and/or historical significance, including lathes.


Receive tax deductions for you or your estate as defined by IRS guidelines.

Your Goal

To secure a permanent home for your art or collection or provide a mechanism for the sale or distribution of individual pieces of your art or collection.

Excellent For

Those who wish their art and/or collection to be accessible to the public, or those who wish to sell their art or collections prior to or after death.

Additional Information

Should you desire to donate an individual work of art or collection as defined in “Type of Gift,” the Center can assist you in the following ways:

  • If the donated items are deemed to be in keeping with the Center’s Mission, Vision, definition of works accepted into its permanent Museum Collection and unanimously approved for inclusion by the Collections Committee, they may be integrated into the Center’s permanent collection once approved by the Board.*

In the event prospective donations are not in keeping with the Center’s guidelines as detailed above, the Center can assist the donor in the following ways:

  • Distribute the piece(s) to an institution or organization whose mission and vision are consistent with the work; or
  • Assist the donor in selling the piece(s) or collections thus allowing the donor to designate the use of proceeds from the sale.

* Please note that in some instances, if an entire collection is accepted by the Center, a monetary percentage donation based on the value of the entire collection may be required for ongoing preservation, documentation and maintenance of the collection.

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