Borrow Artwork

Art pieces from the Center’s collection may be lent to other institutions, museums, or individuals for exhibitions. The safety and preservation of the work is the primary consideration for lending to other institutions or individuals. An object must be in stable condition and able to withstand handling and transportation during the loan period to be considered. Borrowers must be able to meet the Center’s environmental, security, and professional standards for the work of art requested for loan. The borrower shall be responsible for all costs related to the loan including packing, shipping, and covering insurance of loss or damage of the object during the loan period.

About the Collection

Our collection consists of over 1,200 hand-made objects from around the world, ranging from traditional functional every-day objects to contemporary sculptures. The collection serves to conserve, interpret, and present the history and evolution of wood turning from an industrial craft into a contemporary art form. The Center’s collection is open by appointment to researchers, students, and the general public.