Media Coverage

July, 2019
Unpacking Damien Davis’s “Color Cargo by Scotty Meiser
May, 2019
A Lexicon in Living Color, Damien Davis talks about the role of wood, empowerment, and impermanence in his new exhibit ‘Color Cargo’ by Wit Lopez

January, 2019
Things to Do by Tonya Pendelton

October, 2018
Merryll Saylan: This is Your Life by Glenn Adamson
Source: American Woodturner

July, 2018
On the Edge of your Seat: Chairs for the 21st Century by Emily Zilber-review of the Center publication
Source: American Furniture, Annual Review 2017,  a Chipstone publication

May, 2018
Emil Milan: Midcentury Master by Mindy Kinsey-review of the Center publication
Source: Wood Carving Illustrated

February, 2018
GTown Radio Interview with Albert LeCoff, Co-Founder and Executive Director of The Center for Art in Wood
Source: GTown Radio

June, 2017
Dream Drives: The Center for Art in Wood
SOURCE: CBS3 Philly [Video segment]

December, 2017
The Center for Art in Wood, in Partnership With the Emil Milan Research Project, Is Publishing the First Illustrated Biography of Legendary Artist, Designer, and Woodworker Emil Milan
SOURCE: PR Newswire

October, 2016
The Unmistakable Impact of Albert LeCoff
SOURCE: First published in American Woodturner, the journal of the American Association of Woodturners, and is being used/reprinted with permission.

September, 2016
Back and Forth
SOURCE: Woodshop News

May, 2016
Not your dad’s La-Z-Boy: Center for Art in Wood sets the bar for 21st-century chairs in new exhibit
SOURCE: PhillyVoice

April, 2016
Old City: Gallery Highlights Unique Art of Wood Turning
SOURCE: Philadelphia Neighborhoods [blog]

March, 2016
At The Center for At in Wood in Philadelphia, Wendy Maruyama gives voices to earth’s silent giants
SOURCE: KnightBlog- The blog of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation

Nov, 2015
Stealth Craft
SOURCE: The Philadelphia Inquirer

May, 2015
Galleries: It’s all art, root, and branch
SOURCE: The Philadelphia Inquirer

May, 2014
Wood Artists Salvage Beauty from Destruction at Bartram’s Garden
SOURCE: By Peter Crimmins | and

April, 2014
Artists reinterpret 18th-century botanist’s shipping boxes
SOURCE:  By Virginia A. Smith, Inquirer Staff Writer | The Inquirer

Jul/Aug, 2013
Susan Hagen: Carving the World Around Her
SOURCE: FineArt Connoisseur

Jul, 2013
One minute speed read – Susan Hagen’s tiny humans at The Center for Art in Wood
SOURCE: theartblog

Apr, 2012
The Center for Art in Wood: A new era begins
SOURCE: American Woodturner Magazine

June, 2010
Wood Turning: What a Turn-On!
SOURCE: Art-Reach Blog

Feb, 1988
Doing A Good Turn For Artists In Wood
SOURCE: The Philadelphia Inquirer

Jan/Feb, 1982
Last Was Best (Review of last symposium)
The Turned Bowl-The end of infancy for a craft reborn (Review of the Turned Objects Exhibtion)
SOURCE: Fine Woodworking magazine